How to Rock the Best Spray Tan Ever!

*Pre Session Prep Tips:
-So let's break his down. Depending on how much time ahead you plan your tan will allow how much “prepping” you can do. We recommend that our clients scrub, shower and exfoliate 24-48 hours before their session. Even 72 hours before is great! The more you can exfoliate off your dead skin cells the better your tan outcome will be. We recommend the Deep Exfoliating mitt and an oil free exfoliating wash. DO NOT USE BAR SOAPS OR DOVE PRODUCTS. Don't have what you need....stop by the studio and grab one before your session or using the “Ex-Mitt” at the time of your session. Just let your tach know that you need one.  An exfoliating mitt is much better than a loofah, We actually recommend you chunk that loofah! Lol dey like super gross. 

*Things to avoid 48 hours before your tan:
Be sure to get any pedicures, waxes or massages 48-72 hours before your tanning session. The oils, and lotions left on your skin can cause a barrier between your skin and the spray tan, resulting in uneven color or no color at all. Especially on your shins. So do all the pampering days in advance. 

*Shaving before: 
We recommend our clients shave 24-48 hours before your spray tan session. Its best to use a razor WITHOUT a moisturizing strip as this can cause your legs to streak. 
*DO NOT shave the morning of your tan and especially do not shave right before your tan if at all avoidable. This can cause your pores to be open and exposed which many times turns into the “black head” affect. Also when you shave you are removing skin and so the fresh skin may not absorb the color as much as the rest of the Body. 

*Post Showering/When can I get in the shower? 
*If you received an Express developing tan (your tan reaches its full darkness more quickly than traditional solutions) then you can shower in 1-4 hours depending on how dark you like your color. (The longer you wait the darker it will get, but they are essentially finished developing at the 4-hour mark) Once you have reached your desired color, you can then rinse with WATER-ONLY. This means NO SOAP/SHOWER GEL/SHAMPOO or any other type of washes. No soap on the hands. If you must wash your hands before the rinse time try your best to only wash your palms and not the tops of your hands. If you decided on the “traditional development” we recommend sleeping in your tan and rinsing the next morning. If you can do a warm water rinse on the first shower every time, your color will last longer. 

*Shaving after: 
-We HIGHLY recommend you wait a MIN of 24/hours before shaving AFTER your tanning session. This gives your tan time to fully develop and reach its deepest color potential. When you do decide it's time to shave we encourage you to use a PH balancing wash and use very light handed strokes. Pressing hard can cause removal of your skin which in turn removes your tan! Reminder the less often you can shave the longer your tan will last. 


*How to make it last: 

Lotion, lotion lotion lotion. Spray tans contain an ingredient called DHA: dihydroxyacetone which in many cases, can be the cause for your dry skin. You want to be sure you’re keeping your skin hydrated: inside and out. So up that lotion application and up your water intake. Also grabbing a shower get that contains PH balancing components is vital for maintaining color long-term. Over the counter shower gels, bar soaps and scrubs can strip away the color of your spray tan more quickly than one that will help balance your skins PH. We love the Norvell Post-Shower gel. It comes in a convent travel size and also a bigger bottle for those who plan to tan more often. Be sure to grab one after your session. 

Products that can help you stay hydrated: 
-Norvell Post Shower Gel
-Hempz Lotions
-Norvell’s Hydrofirm Spray 

*Things to avoid while having a spray tan: 
-Hot Tubs, (extremely hot water will almost immediately remove your tan-and in most cases unevenly) 
-Extended time in a pool (chlorine) 
*tip: if you do plan to be in the pool, but sure to lather up with lotion before entering the pool and also rinse your body once you get out to be sure the chlorine doesn’t sit on your skin.
-soaking in the bath tub for long periods of time
-scrubbing with a washcloth or loofah (until you are ready to remove your tan) 

*ALL ABOUT DHA:  DHA (dihydroxyacetone)
DHA is an active ingredient in many sunless tanning products. DHA reacts with the proteins in the outer layer of the skin to cause the skin to darken.
DHA contains sugars that can dry out your skin so it is especially important to hydrate your skin with good hydrating lotions. Avoid lotions high in alcohol (Normally these are your high fragranced lotions) Our fav is HEMPZ. 
Pro tip: Also note that puppies and dogs can smell the sugar and LOVE to lick your skin after a spray tan so be mindful of that when loving on your favorite pooch.